Making Healthy and Crisp Popcorn at Your Home

Happy Popcorn Time

Popcorn tends to bring back a lot of sweet memories—whether it's a picnic with the family, or eating popcorn at a movie, circus, or state fair. Who among us can't use popcorn-induced joy? This mini popcorn maker can pop at least 4.5 QUARTs of popcorn each time, with a popcorn rate of 98%. Its size is suitable for the whole family.

Portable & Use Anywhere

Our products measure 8.38x5.47x15.7 in; Weighing 28.66lb, it is much lighter than the popcorn maker on the market and can be easily placed on kitchen counters, camping, tables and dormitories. Small and beautiful, easy to carry, suitable for personal use and gift.

Creative Popcorn

You can also flavor it with your favorite flavors, such as sugar, chocolate, butter, sea salt, coconut oil, cheese, peanut butter. Great for parties and large group gatherings.

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